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Vehicle Maintenance and Service in Milwaukee WI

Welcome to the Andrew Toyota Service Department! Do you a weird symbol flashing on your dashboard, or an alarming noise coming from your car? Don’t worry, the Andrew Toyota Service Department can help! If you need quality vehicle maintenance in Milwaukee WI that won’t break the bank, check out our staff of professional mechanics. From oil changes and other everyday maintenance procedures to more complicated and comprehensive vehicle work, Andrew Toyota has what you need to get your car running like new. Just a few of our many services are listed below. To get started, give us a call at (877) 204-8005. We will make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Visit Us For:

  • Lube, Oil & Filter Change

  • Tire Balance

  • Tire Rotation

  • Coolant Flush

  • Service Package

  • Muffler/Exhaust Repair

  • Vehicle Checkup/ Inspection

  • Transmission Flush

  • Filter Replacement

  • Replace/ Adjust Brakes

  • Maintenance (Wipers, Headlights, etc)

  • Front End Alignment

  • Much More!

Bring Your Vehicle to Andrew Toyota!

Here at Andrew Toyota we are experts when it comes to the Toyota brand, which makes us the perfect place for Toyota vehicle service in Milwaukee WI. Our team is also knowledgeable and experienced with just about any make and model of vehicle. We have a team of service professionals that will be able to solve and fix your problem, no matter no big or small. We know how important your vehicle is to you so we do our best to be quick and accurate. No matter what, our customers are our top priority and we don’t want you be without your car for longer than you have to.

We also know that not knowing what’s wrong is scary and frustrating. We will always make sure you know what we are doing before we do it. We want you to feel at ease during every step of the process. Taking your car in for repairs can be an inconvenience and we want to make the process as easy as possible.

Car Service in Milwaukee WI

The work we perform is our top priority so we also makes sure we are using the best quality part. Every piece that makes a car run is vital. We make sure that every piece is making your car operate at its highest quality. We stock the most popular parts here at our shop so we can have fast and accurate service. Even if your vehicle needs a unique part, we won’t get the part delivered right to our shop and installed in no time.


Whether you need an oil change or there is a more serious problem happening, the danger of ignoring these issues with your car is very real. If you ignore that weird rattling noise or  that check engine light, you could find yourself stranded. So stay safe and save yourself the headache of a bigger problem. Schedule a service appointment today at Andrew Toyota in Milwaukee and  give your car the maintenance attention it needs.


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Andrew Toyota is a new and used car dealer serving Milwaukee Wisconsin. If you are looking to buy a new car in Milwaukee WI you have come to the right car dealership. We believe that those of you buying cars in Milwaukee deserve a great experience. Don't get caught in the games that other car dealers play. Get the respect and price you deserve from Andrew Toyota today.

Whether you are in the market for a Toyota in Milwaukee Wisconsin or a used car, Andrew Toyota can help you find the car that fits your needs. We have genuine sales people who know about the different types of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, crossovers and their features. If you have any questions on a particular Toyota let us know and we can answer your questions right away.

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