The New 2017 Highlander Stop And Start Engine System

January 18th, 2017 by

A Closer Look at Toyota’s Newest Engine Technology

Toyota Motor Company is excited to introduce a drivetrain technology that is a first for Toyota in North America: the Highlander Stop & Start Engine System.

What is the Highlander Stop And Start Engine System?

The Stop & Start Engine System (S&S) is a great new feature available on select 2017 Highlander models. It helps with reducing average emissions, creating a quieter drive for passengers and helps get better MPGs.
The Stop & Start Engine System is a new Toyota technology that is designed to automatically stop the vehicle’s engine while the vehicle is stopped (e.g., at a stoplight), essentially putting the vehicle into a standby state and then restarts the engine when you are ready to move again. The system functions primarily by monitoring brake pedal operation, rather than relying on a defined on/off switch. In the right conditions, the system stops the engine when the vehicle reaches 0 mph with the brake pedal depressed, and then smoothly restarts once brake pedal pressure is relieved. All safety systems remain active and functional throughout this process. Additionally, an icon in the Multi-Information Display (MID) will illuminate while the engine is shut off because of this system.

What are the benefits of the Highlander Stop And Start Engine System?

  • Reduces average emissions due to the engine being off while the system is active
  •  Creates a quieter ride due to the lack of engine noise and vibration. Toyota drivers compare it to the peacefulness of driving a hybrid
  • The system may help return EPA-estimated fuel economy increases of up to one mile per gallon in the city (1)

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(1) This is dependent on the route and traffic, as well as your driving style (including number and duration of stops). Results may vary.
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