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Out of State Purchase

Out of State Purchase

We understand it is not always possible to buy your dream car from your local dealer. Andrew Toyota has helped hundreds of individuals, just like you, complete the purchase right here- regardless of where you live. We are very familiar with the process and are highly capable of assisting you in completing it smoothly Please see our FAQ for some common questions.

IL Residents:

GREAT NEWS! We are partnered with the Illinois electronic registration program. That means we are able to register, title, license, and even pay all the state and local taxes required for your lease or purchase. We have actual plates on-premise, which means when you leave Andrew Toyota you are ready to hit the road- no need to visit a Motor Vehicle Bureau or Secretary of State.

Will I have license plates?

Depending on where you live, you will most likely receive an official State of Wisconsin temporary license plate- these are good for 30 days and allow you enough time to complete the title and registration process in your home state.

What about taxes?

We are typically able to estimate your tax obligations so you can plan accordingly for your purchase. In some cases, we are able to finance them as part of the transaction and provide a check back so you can pay in your home state.

How does the title process work?

In most cases, we will file for “Wisconsin Title Only.” This will allow Andrew Toyota to record a lien on the title and you will receive a confirmation of ownership from the State of Wisconsin. Once you receive this in the mail, you are able to contact your local DMV or State Office- to complete the title and registration process in your home state. If you are paying cash, (without a lien-holder)- we will supply the Title or Manufacture Certificate of Origin- when we have secured verified funds.

Sample Confirmation of Ownership

Will I receive a title?

On July 30, 2012, Wisconsin joined other states in becoming a title to lien holder (lender) state. This means that any title with a lien (loan) listed on or after July 30, 2012, will be sent to the lienholder rather than the owner

Does Wisconsin have a vehicle inspection?

Dealerships perform a used vehicle inspection and complete a window disclosure label before offering a vehicle for sale. They test drive the vehicle and check the exterior of the vehicle, the underside, and under the hood for problems. They also review any paperwork they have for the vehicle, including the vehicle title. The dealership then completes a window label called the Wisconsin Buyers Guide. The Buyers Guide tells you if the vehicle has any existing problems or important history you should know about. Dealerships are required to list any problems they should reasonably have known about based on their inspection, test drive, and paperwork check. They do not have to take vehicles apart or run diagnostic tests to find hidden problems. They also do not have to tell you about future problems your vehicle may develop because of its current age or condition.

Example State of Wisconsin Safety Inspection.

Andrew Toyota also completes our own comprehensive inspection and in some cases we perform a 160 point Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Inspection